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The Dollars of Divorce Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Series addresses the financial issues of divorce from the perspective of a financial professional. Personal finance has become more complex than ever and the challenges of the financial circumstances presented by your divorcing clients can be formidable.

Courses are available On Demand for distance learning at your convenience. Registration is easy, using your credit or debit card, and you have unlimited time to complete each course.

The content is clear, concise, and the culmination of divorce financial case work since 2005, more than 160 live CLE presentations since 2009, discussions with attorneys, and other professional feedback.

For information regarding state CLE requirements and responsibility for reporting credits earned, click here.

NOTE:   All CLE materials are currently being re-writen to conform to new tax legislation effective January 1, 2018. Please return after January 31 for updated courses.

The Dollars of Divorce CLE Series is intended to enhance the attorney's understanding of financial issues in divorce, provide for improved client outcomes, and lead to increased client satisfaction with legal services. Consider the amount of time you spend talking about the money and the potential benefits of greater understanding.

Rosemary Frank Financial, LLC will not be responsible for record keeping of partially completed courses.
Required record keeping for completed courses will be maintained.

Dollars of Divorce:  Avoid Financial Pitfalls    2.0 hours    $149
Why the financial aspects of divorce have suddenly become more complicated. What you can do to avoid critical tax traps and related ultimate consequences to your client. More..   Presenter Bio   State Accreditations

Dollars of Divorce:  Tax Issues    2.0 hours    $149  
Unforeseen tax consequences to divorce clients can damage any attorney's reputation and threaten their practiceIn the interest of doing what is best for clients  More...  Presenter Bio   State Accreditations

Dollars of Divorce:  Retirement Issues     2.0 hours    $149    Coming Soon
The divorce rate among older Americans, age 55+, has doubled during the past decade. Understanding retirement financial issues has become more critical for these clients who have little time to   More...   Presenter Bio   State Accreditations

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